Monday, October 5, 2009

Potatoes & Faces


how many of the worlds population actually eat potatoes? (That's what market research companies are for) but innumerable people have eaten fries, chips and baked potatoes (with and without sour cream) So who's to say where they came from. AND WHY IS THERE A TOY AFTER IT?!?! Potatoes are in many different continents (5 or 6 of them), but more specifically the biggest supplier in the United States is Maine (and China) Woooohooooo?

But Potatoes are somethings that should be cherished, though not revered, yet there's Mr. Potato Head. Because who doesn't like eating mashed up body parts? Things like the toy story movies don't help with humanizing the fellow potato -Even though the guy and his wife are plastic. That may be one of the only vegetables, or even fruits for that matter that once were children's toys that are still used today. Yes there is that strawberry shortcake girl but they don't count, as they never were once edible, or at least supposed to be.

But corn doesn't have a toy, the banana has the logo thing for the peanut butter jelly time song, again doesn'tcount. So the next time you sink you teeth into a raw potato (i have no clue who would do that) or have fries from a restaurant (which are probably 20% actual potato) or mashed potatoes, remember that some where, there is a face attached to one. So add a lot of butter to make it taste not like face.

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