Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Babies R Cute

So when a man loves a woman, and they conceive, and then birth out a beautiful baby, why is it cute? Could it be that it's a little human? Is it that the eyes are the same size as a baby as an adult? Or is it that they are the physical mixture of two people, then miniature?
Look at any baby, of any species of mammal and compare them to their adults. With their innocent, need of help and obvious cuteness that most people look to their faces and go "Awe, so cute" then make an outrageous face. Them being little humans with their chubby cheeks, big eyes and contagious sweet smiles is more of a genetic defence system that just the supposed fact of them being like that for no reason at all.
There is no possible way that anyone could hurt them. When babies start to cry from being hurt as if they bumped their head, it's nearly unbearable. The natural reaction is to help the balling like bumpkin, comforting them until they no longer feel any more pain. Hunting in the older terms would be all out war on any and all animals, be it sick and old, even the very young were sustenance for any that caught them. But poachers of today still hunt down all the small and innocent exotic babies, and who can hurt such cute defenceless animals? For poachers by the previous statement have no heart as they carelessly slaughter the babies who never hurt anyone.
But this defence system keeps what ever means to hurt the child somehow emotionally attached, which makes them refrain from any form of hurt. A pocket of brilliance from the evolutionary platter of genes, but no matter the effect, babies will always be cute.

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