Monday, June 15, 2009

Green People

So what are we? A bunch of animals who struggle to keep society? A collective group of cells that are in every organism, giving and keeping them alive? An evolutionary species that was once single celled? Any of those may be true but what if we weren't so much animal as plant.
If we, in cell terms, were made of chloroplasts and cell walls? Would there be a use for stomachs besides water? Would skin be replaced by bark or multiple leathery green layers? There is no telling what manifestations would appear if something as massive as the replacement of natural animal cells with plant cells was to happen but the food service would come crashing down.
Even when taste buds still exist, most of what would be eaten would be for flavor instead of sustenance. Being that most people would have a small stomach, as they would rarely eat, only a few edibles could be eaten. Tasteless things, like grains, poultry, meats, vegetables and (most) fruits would be rare to find. Because sweets like cake, ice cream and anything made with a massive amount of sugar would be bought because they taste good. Even at that, how could a business stay a float, there are places like Walmart that sell a little bit of everything. So say goodbye to convenience stores, because they mostly have food and gas, and 90% of the food wouldn't sell.
Instead of the every day craving of three or more meals a day, sun bathing, tanning and any outdoor activity would increase in popularity. Tanning salons, as infrequently used, would soon take over the fast food business and replace the freezers and refrigerators with tanning beds and sun lamps. The being of summer would make everyone more able too move, if not make them fat. But winter, during a power outage (storm included) would be catastrophic and kill many.
Bugs would be as frequent as the rhino virus, feeding off the innocuous people as they lay in the sun. Like termites they might burrow into the skin and feast, until plump with human-plant blood (what would the color be?). The Humans, or whatever they would be called, would not be the omnivore, more so and reside at the bottom of the food chain. Animals that would hunt humans in ancient years, before technology would adapt and feed upon the unsuspecting people, creating fear, chaos, and many problems throughout the globe.
When the world realizes that it needs the earth and the sun, backing of recycling, non-nuclear weapons, and anti-pollution would increase. Things like the dumping of trash, and fuel emissions would be more carefully weighed. As it seems to be a priority for the UN, but not really, Nuclear weapons and war seem to be their specialty. I highly doubt that in the world of green people, the sun and the environment would not be the number 1 cause for fixing.
How would the body change? Would the hair turn from a long brown to a seaweed style hair or looks like a green afro? Would the ears turn to leaves, as the feet and hands might? The bones would harden to a blend of wood and bone, making teeth look comparatively strange. Mucus would become sludge, and waste products would be reduced to liquid, if not used. Though I highly doubt that there will be a little boy whose wooden nose grows as he tells a lie, then he wants to become a real boy. But take it or leave it, for being turned into a genetic marvel, being part human and part plant would be awesome, give or take the complications. But the decision hasn't even come close to being acknowledged, let alone more than theorized.

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