Monday, June 1, 2009

0gs of Fun

The fact of Gravity is evidenced all around us, by our falling hair, the rain and standing on a floor. Gravity is the basis of nearly every thing that we as humans do. For instance basketball, with a manipulation of gravity it would become something much more entertaining. Though dribbling would be a bad idea, dunking would be the greatest and liberating thing to do. Now if the gravity was to be increased, the workout would have the same effect. It would be like practicing with a parachute, the muscles would have more of a stress so when the gravity was returned to normal those that practiced under the pressure would have a obvious advantage.
But what would the problems be? Cleaning for zero gravity areas would be horrendous, or a giant vacuum would suck up all the problems. If things like gravity were regulated in compartments, like planetarium-like buildings, the maintenance and cost to use such machines would be so massive only the intensely rich would be able to afford the "adventure." If no one was to regulate the air going in, or if the gravity was unequal some one could suffocate, or even be crushed by the force of gravity.
But how would the machines be powered? Would it be like a massive gasoline generator, a large amount of electricity from telephone wires, power from wind turbines, solar panels covering the entire building. But how they are going to make it create zero gravity is the bigger mystery. There are magnets, but those would create a pull from both sides, creating a look of zero gravity, but the feeling would be non-free-willish, much like the force of the pull forces things into it's pull. There is a plane which simulates the feeling of zero gravity, going high up into the atmosphere then dropping at the exact speed to counter act earth's gravity. This however cannot be performed in a land locked building. Something like a fan would create the same effect as the magnets, so there isn't a way to make it a reality as of the moments right now. The only place that gravity exists without any force that requires unneeded energy, which is space.
So to be completely truthful gravity is the only force that keeps us on earth and without it everyone would float away. If we were to manipulate it correctly, the feeling would be liberating. And even though things in space are unaffected only the future will tell when everyone will get the chance to feel weightless.

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