Sunday, May 17, 2009


*Warning Spoilers to Many Movies and Video Games Concerning Their Undeadness*
How many zombie movies, video games, stories, thoughts have you had, for few people that is only at most one. Those being the people that live under rocks or so far away from possible horrors that they are blinded by the light. But for most people who might have clicked through the channels and come across a Resident Evil movie, or played their video games have a preconceived notion of what zombies are. Those zombies are slow, but stable and powerful in the vast numbers that they remain in. They eat for sustenance even when all the others don't for no apparent reason.
Dead rising's undead are a special bunch which have a special larva existing somewhere within their body coming from a failed attempt at increasing the livestock for American food. Those people get bitten by the undead if not ripped apart. The bumbling slow zombies have a habit of tracking you down slowly, until you are trapped and then get eaten alive.
The zombies in the game Left for Dead have no back story, so whether it's a plague is not known, and if it can infect the undead is a mystery. though it is passed on through bites. The regular zombies have acute hearing as car alarms cause them to swarm, without sound or interference with the living they remain aimless bumbling fools.
By far the undead in Dead Space does not contain zombies that are aimless as they target you and run full speed, always aware of your presence. All of the zombies are previously undead, brought back by a bat like zombie maker. Though there are many different kinds all have the same results, but the fact that the organic matter that causes the colony and ship to go insane is completely original in my estimations. I'm not going to be a spoil sport but the bat like zombie maker does come from the planet itself and spreads through the colony and Ishimura which makes for an amazing back story.
The Movie, The Invasion is not a zombie movie per say but an alien virus that causes the infected to conform into emotionless drones. Through this world peace is reached, but at the cost of free will. It's spread by touch and the infected doesn't change until asleep surrounded in a cocoon. Overall the story is well done, as well as Nicole Kidman is always awesome.
The Movie Quarantine, which remains the most closest to the idea of fact as it is based on an accelerated version of rabies. The story is told from the point of the camera of a news reporter following the firemen who get called to an apartment complex about a woman screaming murder. The Virus is the result of successful Biological war virus, but unlike regular rabies this one attacks in a few hours as opposed to the months it takes for the virus to normally attack the body. As rabies normally acts with any animals, they become rabid, foam at the mouth, they can only moan, confusion. The major draw is none of the people die, they just slowly slip into the vicious dangerous state that they remain in for the rest of their lives.
What happened to create these kinds of zombies is anything of a mystery for some, but all are created from the mind of some of the most regular of people. But how did they start, the myth that they feed on brains has stopped being used mostly. The new thing is they are moving toward being faster and deadlier, slow and bumbling is a thing of the past. But the only thing that is possible for us as a species is to put a stop to Biochemical Nuclear Warfare, which will just destroy us as well as the world.

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  1. okay, here goes the myth that i think its legit;
    these people on an island got some kind of disease that amde them appear dead
    and then when they were buried they were still alive and came out of the ground and stuff
    but, im pretty sure thats the truth =)
    cool blog.