Monday, May 25, 2009

Problems and Their Fixers

Say a man, or a woman, or a child ruled the country, what would the problems be then? We already have problems from the previous presidents, so what would set them apart? Is it there charismatic nature? Their message to fix the problems at hand? Could it be the way they wear their suit or put their hair?
The answer to all of those questions is simple, there will always be problems, no matter what, even if global warming was solved we would have problems. But with all of these difficult times comes one person who swears as they become president they will solve it. Many of these times they do their job, but something else will happen.
The idea of a Utopia is a foolish one in any aspect, sure the bright and shining self sufficient megaplex would have to have problems. Of course there would be the ozone, solar flares, possibly fuels if that problem isn't solved, population, and various others that can't be named since we, as a species, are not as advanced to have named them yet.
But look at every single leader, there has always been a major issue they attempted to address, most of the time succeeding. Nelson Mandela, slavery in South Africa. Abraham Lincoln, Slavery in the US and the civil war. Al Gore, Global Warming. Barack Obama, fixing the economy. Even the "villains" of some organizations had an issue they promised to solve. Like Napoleon Bonaparte, Conquest of the World. Even Hitler, who promised eradication of the Jewish people and Conquest of the World.
The only people who this does not apply to are the people with inherited power, like kings and queens. Now not all of the royalty of the world is entirely aimless, Princess Diana was completely into helping the world and she had inherited power. But many of the forgettable royalty did barely anything, which is why it's difficult to name them.
But no matter what, there will always be problems, and with those problems come a person attempting to succeed in the fixing of the said problem. Amazingly enough
sometimes a Leader can come onto the job to fix a problem and inspire another, which again has been many people. The most famous of all was the previous president, who came on to fix the war on terror, and came out with the financial problems. The biggest drag, there is no way to predict the upcoming problems, but there always is and always will be something that needs fixing or improvement.

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