Sunday, May 17, 2009

Inspiration for Writing

As I randomly type each letter on the keyboard it makes a small clicking sound. I'll press the sticky space bar, and continue the next word. But the words quickly grow into a sentence, which group together to make a paragraph. As that paragraph soon comes to a close they soon start up another.
That paragraph starts up, with something catchy and grows into another. Soon those paragraphs proliferate into a chapter which then form together and turn into a book. That book soon becomes a series which becomes a number 1 seller.
Those books then become a movie deal which makes millions. That movie inspires a TV series after it arrives on DVD. Those episodes inspire a generation of fan fiction writers who create different renditions of the stories, movie and TV series. Eventually people pick up the views of all of the stories and apply them to everyday living. Most of those views get compiled into a book of excerpts, soon creating a way of morals. Those books soon inspire a religion that slowly consume the world. From that the world unites and soon go into the world beyond. The colonies of all of the planets soon thrive and grow across the solar system. From that solar system, like a conflagration spread across the galaxy. The people that were all governed by the religion, that started with a click of the keyboard.

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