Thursday, May 14, 2009


Think about Nuclear Power, and radiation and all of the cool deadly stuff that could one day wipe out the world(that's a joke). In Asia there was a nuclear power plant that had exploded and even though few died all of those that lived in the area eventually had deformed children. Then there was somewhere, possible in Europe, or the Middle East, where a nuclear power plant had exploded or leaked or something and the people started to glow.
But what about the trees outside their windows? what if they could glow -not a deadly glow but a simple mystical white light glow. Car crashes in the night would drop, although head on collisions might increase. The plants could take in the light energy from each other, so if someone was to thrust a bomb into the sky and destroy the sun we would be fine.
I think if genetic splicing or anything like it was to give plants that sort of ability mazes would be awesome, and possibly a coffin. Most likely they would contain some form of nuclear waste, or bile within them, maybe even feel like a sack filled with mashed potatoes. But cell walls wouldn't just turn flaccid, they would probably toughen up creating spikes due to the birds, mammals and insects that would eat at it all the time (Moths would be horrible). Old fashion housing would become a nightmare as all the walls, the ceiling and floor would be illuminated. Absolutely no one could be able to fall asleep, ever. People's furniture like desks, cabinets, nightstand, bed even their doors would remain alight. But if you think about it, like a glow worm or a light bulb, these plants would need constant nourishment all the time to keep glowing -naturally. So by the time the lumberjacks, -with their massive chainsaws- sliced through these trees like butter, they would act like human corpses and lose their color gradually.
So Someone should seriously consider the idea before the light in the sky is covered. So the next time you think about the world and it's illuminants, think about the benefits of them casting light would have. Even if the idea is cool, don't take my word for it until you see it for your own eyes, because all I do is rant.

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