Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dangers of the Paper Clip

Andrea Brown, age 27 at the time, was a victim of The Clip. She described to the police interviewing her that she walked through the hallways, and suddenly she tripped over something. She attempted to get up and realized the papers that she was holding had dots of blood throughout. She looked down and saw an old unfolded paperclip lodged into her torso. If that paperclip had hit just a few inches to the right it would have punctured her heart causing internal bleeding and death.
Klaus Svitzen of Sweden was not so lucky, as he slipped on the unstable streets on his way home. But as he slipped and hit his head with a far from fatal blow to the back of the head. But a paper clip was ready to attack, It punctured the back of his neck hitting his spine enough to make him a paraplegic for the rest of his life. This major injustice cannot go without warning, so how many different ways can paperclips hurt people if not kill them.
  • Lodged into the eye, causing blindness and possibly brain damage and internal as well as eternal bleeding.
  • Shoved up the nose or in the ears, causing possibly brain damage and internal as well as external bleeding.
  • By causing an infection from being rusty
  • By swallowing it and having it puncture the stomach wall, internal bleeding
  • After stomach wall it would go to the intestines causing the same problem
  • Multiple Stabbings, (murder)
  • A stabbing through the neck, nerves, blood or air tubes could cause death
  • At virtually any vein, or nerve, or bone, or muscle

As you can see, the dangers of the paperclip are massive, so are they worth having in everyday society?

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